Customer Care

Each employee undergoes a classroom training session on Customer Care. We make it abundantly clear to our operatives what customers expect from a professional services supplier. Our staff will always be polite, friendly and helpful.

Part of our training programme deals with Issues and problems as these do arise even with the best laid plans. Each employee is aware of the escalation process put in place to deal with on-site issues. In the first instance an issue will be raised with on-site supervisors or management to ensure that the issue is recognised and can be dealt with on merit. Where an issue cannot be resolved immediately our operative will call in to our office to make our management team aware of the problem. Once assessed we will make a judgement on how best to approach the issue and escalate this with our customer so that agreement can be reached on finding a solution. Our staff will not jeopardise our customer in any way and will make every effort to ensure that issues are raised, dealt with and have a positive outcome for all concerned.