Van Drivers

Members of our team will have been through our training programme before arriving at your site, this ensures that you hire someone who has full awareness of health and safety and manual handling before commencing work. 

Each employee has completed basic disclosure Scotland vetting and possess a CSCS card. 

Our drivers will arrive on-site wearing full PPE.

Van Drivers will be at least 23 years old with a minimum of 3 years driving experience.

Our drivers have undergone additional training on loading a van, stowing the load effectively, belting off a load within a vehicle, packing a van properly and protecting the cargo from damage.

Additionally, our drivers will be aware of the safe limits on loading the van. This includes maximum weight permissible, avoiding overloading, the correct method for loading unusual items such as large, top-heavy, extra-long, fragile items etc.

Van drivers are introduced to manual handling as part of our training programme, this includes loading the van via tail-lift safely or manual loading without risking injury.

Our drivers will always obtain job sign-off on your behalf before departing the worksite, ensuring customer satisfaction.